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Two years since the Collapse, New York City is now a special protectorate of the United States Federal Government. The Anomaly, the cause of the Collapse, is as mysterious as it was the day it emerged and sent the world into chaos. With science turned into magic and time to recover, the world has adjusted. At least, it's working very hard to appear adjusted. Aside from new laws against the 'mutant' Millenians and the change in who runs the city, New York remains as it has always been. However, youma have been appearing more frequently and the number of Millennians continues to grow. How long can the wake of the storm stay peaceful?


Protectorate New York | MAY 2019

The current episode is set in EARLY MAY. The moon is presently waning. The weather is unseasonably warm with rainfall predicted throughout. The Anomaly hangs over the East River, a reminder of what happened almost two years ago exactly. It's presence has become familiar to the natives.




Moving into month three, we're doing an ACTIVITY CHECK along with some information on the updated want ad system and a few other bits of information. We're also releasing more information about the site's first major event and how to get characters involved! Hope you're all ready for it.


As we start on our fourth week, Destiny has unleashed a whole mess of MISSIONS for Silver Millennium, Fenrir, and SPB. The early media alert threads are wrapping up soon and a new batch will be launched as the first round of threads are coming to a close! Check your emails for more information.


TIL is officially OPEN. Please check out the ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD if you're curious or jump right into the forums and start playing! We're thrilled to bring this project to light and hope you'll join us!

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GUIDE | LEGENDS | LORE The pages of these weathered tomes are hidden from most, only revealing themselves to those with a grand destiny. These tomes possess all the necessary information to get started: the mandatory information, announcements, additional lore and all of the guides. Any questions can be posted in the proper thread.
CREATION | RELATION | WANTED | TRACKING Every character is the centre of their own story, and no story is completed without a hero - you. This forum hosts everything a character needs to jump into the game; character creation, important claims, current wanted ads, and the opportunity to start plotting with others. Use these essentials to make the most of your story.


COOPER on Jun 17 2018

BESTIARY | SPELL CODEX Once a character has been accepted, a vault will be created for them. A vault contains the inventory, and overall capabilities of the character in question. Many mechanical aspects of the character is outlined, from their statistics, to skills and perks. NPC vaults can be found in the bestiary, and all discovered spells will be within the codex.


DESTINY on Jun 14 2018

MEDIA ALERTS | EVENTS | THE PAST | MEMORY FRAGMENTS Not all heroes wander around New York meeting people for the first time forever. Within this forum, characters can claim or spend points, can sign up for event threads when they are unlocked, can investigate media alerts to develop them further, play out threads in the recent past, or uncover aspects of a life long forgotten.
UPTOWN | MIDTOWN | DOWNTOWN A long and thin island, Manhattan is only one of New York's five boroughs, but these concrete canyons and intimidating skylines are what New York is known for. Manhattan is filled with sights to see, and not even a new yorker has seen all this region has to offer. Thanks to the presence of Durner and Koenig Industries, this region has faired quite well since the collapse.
NORTHERN | CENTRAL | SOUTHERN Once the largest borough by population, Brooklyn was known for their dense streets and sights to see. Since the Collapse, things have drastically changed - it is clear Brooklyn has seen better days. Many inhabitants have fled from ground zero, but despite the stigma of the collapse, reconstruction efforts are full swing.
WEST SIDE | EAST SIDE The Bronx is an urban sprawl, filled with an ethnic diversity that has given soul to hip hop and latin music. The region is still recovering from the population decline in the '60s, the Bronx is determined to make a new name for itself despite the ongoing decline in livable housing, and the quality of life. With the Collapse, it is time for the Bronx to get back on top.
WESTERN | CENTRAL | EASTERN Queens is the easternmost and largest in area of the five boroughs, as well as the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Interestingly enough, the region is composed of artists, immigrants, and new beginnings. Although not as popular with the tourists, Queens is where the realistic living in New York usually takes place.
NORTH SHORE | EAST SHORE | SOUTH SHORE | WEST SHORE Located in the southwest portion of the city, this borough is the least populated but one of the largest in area. Staten Island overlooks the bay, and is often acclaimed as a breath of fresh air in comparison to the rest of the city. The island itself boasts a large range of regions designated by shores, and is accessible by bridge or ferry.
Within the member lounge, anything goes. Feel free to stop and talk about some great lore dump or something, make friends or even gossip about whatever. Staff love to see the discussion of in game going-on, but let's be real, Coop's horrible sleeping patterns are the real subject at hand. Post games, have fun, make good choices.


THOMAS JESSEN on Jul 10 2018

FIRST LINK | ACCEPTED This guest friendly forum is your typical plugboard, there is only so much we can do about that! Guests are more than welcome to post their advertisements in the proper forum, and expect a post back from us! We are also currently accepting affiliates, so feel free to apply to leave your button with us!

Nightwalkers [jcink premium]

Lexie on Yesterday at 02:56 pm

All archived threads are moved into this forum, including completed and inactive threads. Additionally, inactive characters will find their essentials moved within this forum to reduce clutter.If you find a thread or essential has been moved here by mistake, simply message a staff member and they can sort it out relatively quickly. Use the completed thread notification to get threads moved into here!


Please No advertising, keep things roughly pg-13, use Square icons. PM staff for discord & have fun!


Writing is credited to our members, lore & story thanks to Cooper, and skin/coding to Reef.





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